List of Posters

N.A. Drake, A.S. Miroshnichenko, S. Danford, C.B. Pereira: BG Gem - a Poorly-Studied Binary with a Possible Black Hole Component
T. Garrel, A.S. Miroshnichenko, S. Danford, S. Charbonnel, F. Houpert: Spectroscopy of the mysterious Be system FF Cam
Hernan E. Garrido Vertel: A third case of supergiant system with peculiar photometry and spectroscopic properties
Damian Jableka: Investigation of O-C changes of a large sample of eclipsing binary systems
Nicola La Palombara: The hot-blackbody spectral excess as a common property of low-luminosity X-ray binaries
Jiri Liska: New photometric study of a possible three-body system AV CMi
Anita Nasseri, V.H. Hoffmeister, R. Chini: Multiplicity of southern B(e) stars
D. Ruzdjak, E. Pollmann, et al.: Recent observations of zeta Tau.
Aleksey Sosnovski: 1RXJ0038: the new  eclipsing CV in the period gap with  enormous activity of the accretion disk
Claus Tappert: Getting to know the cataclysmic variable beneath the nova eruption
Olivier Thizy: Be Star Spectra and ARASBeAm front-end
Olivier Thizy: Spectrographs for Small Telescopes
Christine K. Wilson et al.: A Spectroscopic and Photometric Analysis of Pulsations of the F supergiant ε Aurigae
S. Zola, M. Zejda, M. Siwak and F. de Villiers: Rediscussion of SV Cen, an early type eclipsing binary

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