1m Austro-Croatian Telescope (ACT)

The Austrian-Croatian Telescope (ACT) was installed at the Hvar Observatory in 1997. It is a Ritchey-Chretien telescope with the primary mirror of 1060 mm placed on the English mounting. The observations can be performed with two different secondary mirrors, one with a diameter of 400 mm (focal ratio of f/6.8), and the other one with a diameter of 260 mm (focal ratio of f/15). The telescope pointing and tracking are controlled by the computer. The ACT is equipped with CCD camera and is mostly used for observations of open clusters and variable stars. 

Geographic coordinates: +43 10.7N +16 26.9E

Members of the Austrian-Croatian delegation:

Institute of Astronomy, Vienna
W.W. Weiss
M. Rode-Paunzen
K. Zwintz

Hvar Observatory 
D. Ruždjak
D. Sudar
H. Božic

thumb ACT_dome_stars

P. Mayer (Praha; telescope: optics, mechanics).

Primary mirror 1060 mm
Secondary mirror 260 mm | 400 mm
Focal ratio f/15 | f/6.8
Mounting english
Field of View (without vignetting) 8'
Field of View (currently) 3.0'
Filters (currently) Bessell UBVRI

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