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Hvar Observatory was founded in 1972 as an independent organizational unit of the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. The Observatory is located at the island of Hvar on a hill just above the city of Hvar, while the offices are situated at Faculty of Geodesy in one of the University buildings in Zagreb. The instruments of Hvar Observatory include a double solar telescope (for observing the photosphere and the chromosphere) and two night-time reflector telescopes: a 65-cm reflector and a 1-m Austrian-Croatian-Telescope, both for stellar observations. The staff of Hvar Observatory currently consists of 14 people (permanent positions, post-docs, PhD students, undergraduate students, as well as technical and part-time staff). The main scientific interests of Hvar astronomers are solar and heliospheric physics and stellar physics. Particular topics, currently mostly studied, are space weather, solar rotation and activity, solar radio astronomy, transient phenomena and variable stars.

Animation of Hvar Observatory 3D terrain model & Napoleon fortress

Courtesy of Prof. Drago Špoljarić, Jakov Maganić, Stipe Vranković and Ivan Žižić (Faculty of Geodesy).

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