Those arriving by plane will land at Zagreb airport (Pleso), from where you can get to the city by a taxi or bus. Both taxi and a bus stop are in front of the airport. Taxi costs around 250 kn (30-35 €), whereas the bus ticket is around 40 kn (6-7 €). It takes around 30 min to get to the city both by taxi and by bus.

Bus timetable is being adjusted to all aircraft arrivals and departures and the end stop is at Zagreb Main Bus Station. From there you can reach both Main Train Station and Main Square (Ban Jelačić Square) by trams (station is located on the east side of the street). If you are going to Main Train Station you can use trams number 2 or 6, but if you are going to Main Square you can use only tram number 6.

You can find further information on Bus transfer from Zagreb Airport to the city of Zagreb here.


Those arriving by train will arrive at the Main Train Station, from where you can take trams number 6 or 13 to get to the Ban Jelačić square, or you can walk (around 10 minutes).


Public transport around the center of Zagreb is organized via trams (ZET). The one-way ride costs 12 kn if you buy your ticket outside the tram (at a kiosk) or 15 kn if you buy it inside the tram. One-way ride ticket is valid for 1.5 hours in one direction. You can also buy a daily ticket (40 kn), 3-days ticket (100 kn) or 7-days ticket (200 kn) for unlimited number of rides (within 1st zone, i.e., most of the city), but you can get those only on special “ZET” kiosks (there is one in the underpass beneath the Main Train Station).

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You can find more information on the public transport in Zagreb here (only in croatian).

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