Acquisition system & data storage

Both telescopes are equipped with the 4Mpix Pullnix TM-4200GE 12-bit CCD cameras, which are connected by a gigabit internet cable to 2 windows PC sited in the control room below the dome. The acquisition software is almost identical to that at Kanzelhöhe Observatory, which allows watching the real-time images, and making the data time-series saved in the FITS and JPEG picture-format with corresponding information headers. The software also regulates the exposure time automatically and performs the frame selection (camera is recording seven frames per second), which is employed to select moments of good seeing. A standard time series uses the image cadence of four images per minute for the chromosphere and one image per minute for the photosphere. However, a resolution up to 30 images per minute is available for specific purposes.

Telescope control room Rear side of the telescopes with CCDs

Data storage
During the operation of the telescope, the data are stored first on local computers in the control room.  After each observational session, the data are transferred by internet with FTP protocol to the central data archive on the server located in Zagreb ( From that server data are open to public. A user-friendly web interface to access the data is currently under the development.

 data archives

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