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1   Link   COMESEP Alert System
The COMESEP alert system provides notifications for the space weather community. To achieve this, the system relies on both models and data, the latter including near real-time data as well as historical data. The system consists of several interconnected tools that work together to analyse data and automatically provide alerts for geomagnetic storms and solar energetic particle radiation storms.
2   Link   Space Situational Awareness Space Weather (ESA)
ESA Space Situational Awareness portal with all kind of current space weather data (Sun, Heliosphere etc.)
3   Link   Solar Monitor
Easiest way to access current and past solar images (ground data & satellites) as well as the other solar data.
4   Link   Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Excellent collection of space weather links to recent solar data, solar models, tools etc.
Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.
5   Link   Helioviewer
Helioviewer.org is an open-source project for the visualization of solar and heliospheric data. The project is funded by ESA and NASA.
6   Link   SIDC - Latest Space Weather Data
Solar Influences Data Center - Latest Space Weather Data
Collection of space weather links related to solar weather, sun-earth connection & conditions at the earth (data, models, tools).
7   Link   HELIO
The Heliophysics Integrated Observatory, HELIO, will deploy a distributed network of services that will address the needs of a broad community of researchers in heliophysics. HELIO will provide the most comprehensive integrated information system in this domain; it will coordinate access to the resources needed by the community, and will provide access to services to mine and analyze the data.
8   Link   Solar flare monitor - Bradford University
Space weather research
Solar flare monitor - classifies the sunspot groups and calculate their flaring probabilities.
9   Link   USET - The Uccle Solar Equatorial Table
White light and H-alpha full disc solar observations (public archive) from SIDC (Solar influences Data Analysis Center, Belgium)
10   Link   Global High Resolution H-alpha Network
Regular ground-based observations of Sun in H-alpha around the world.
11   Link   Space Situational Awareness - Proba 2
Space Situational Awareness - PROBA2 Science Center
Interactive tool to investigate recent GOES, PROBA2 solar X-ray flux, PROBA2 SWAP images and NOAA flare list.
12   Link   European Space Weather Portal
The European gateway to Space Weather resources
13   Link   NOAA - Current Solar Data
Solar X-Ray Flux, satellite environment (combined), electron flux, magnetometer, estimated Kp index, GOES 8 proton flux
14   Link   Integrated Space Weather Analysis System - NASA
ISWA is a flexible, turn-key, Web-based dissemination system for NASA-relevant space weather information that combines forecasts based on the most advanced space weather models with concurrent space environment information. iSWA is customer-configurable and adaptable for use as a powerful decision-making tool.
15   Link   Sungate
Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory (LMSAL) portal to solar data, events, and search tools...
16   Link   Athens Neutron Monitor Station
Athens nutron monitor data, GLE Alert Plus...
17   Link   Catania Solar Observations
18   Link   Space weather live
Real-time solar and auroral activity
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