Asteroid named after Hrvoje Božić

thumb asteroid hrvoje 2022According to the Bulletin for the Nomenclature of Small Solar System Bodies of the International Astronomical Union (IAU-WGSBN Bulletin, 7.2.2022), asteroid 179221, discovered on 14.10.2001 by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope was named in honor of Dr. Hrvoje Božić, Hvar Observatory scientific advisor who recently retired. The explanation for this naming states the exceptional scientific contribution of Dr. Hrvoje Božić as the leading astrophysicist of the Hvar Observatory, and his leading role in astronomical education in Croatia. The discovery of this asteroid, as well as many other small bodies in the solar system, was made by Prof. Dr. Željko Ivezić team from the University of Washington. More about asteroids and their discovery you can read here in the article by Prof. Dr. Željko Andreić.
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