Mateja Dumbović received the prestigious EGU award

thumb Mateja EGU award 2021Dr. sc. Mateja Dumbović from the Hvar Observatory is the winner of the annual Arne Richter Award for 2021, awarded by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) to selected scientists at an early stage of their careers. She is awarded for scientific contributions in the field of solar physics and space weather. EGU is the leading science organization for the Earth, planets and space research in Europe, which brings together over 20 000 members worldwide, who are professionally engaged or associated with geosciences, including students and retired seniors. EGU with its program of awards and medals gives each year a tribute to prominent scientists for their outstanding research contribution in the exploration of the Earth, the planets, and the universe, recognizing the award-winning scientists as the inspiration for the next generation of geoscientists.
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