ISEST 2018 Workshop

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XVIth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium
International Study of Earth-affecting Solar Transients
ISEST 2018 Workshop

24 - 28 September 2018, Hvar, Croatia

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This workshop directly addresses the scientific goals of the VarSITI project - The International Study of Earth-Affecting Solar Transients (ISEST). The workshop aims to bring together scientists around the world to carry out focused study and information exchange on the set of scientific questions laid out by the ISEST program. The overarching goals are: i) to advance physical understanding of the origin and heliospheric propagation of solar transients, including coronal mass ejections (CMEs), corotating interaction regions (CIRs) and solar energetic particles SEPs; ii) to comprehend their impact on the Earth; iii) to advance space weather prediction capabilities. Basic questions to be addressed are how do CMEs and CIRs propagate and evolve, drive shocks, and accelerate energetic particles in the heliosphere. The workshop will include observational, theoretical, and modelling aspects of these questions.

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The ISEST 2018 Workshop is the latest of a series of workshops organized by the ISEST project, which is one of the four projects of SCOSTEP’sVarSITI program (2014-2018). The ultimate goal of the ISEST project is to develop the capability to predict the arrival and geoeffectiveness and other space-weather consequences of solar transients. The ISEST project, involving a truly global network of scientists, consists of seven active working groups: (1) Data, (2) Theory, (3) Simulation, (4) Event campaign, (5) Bs challenge, (6) Solar Energetic Particles, and (7) MiniMax campaign. The project provides a standing website for hosting event catalogs, data and presentations and offers a forum for discussion available at

ISEST 2018 Workshop (XVIth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium)


Hotel Amfora - Hvar Grand Beach Resort, City of Hvar, Hvar, Croatia

For all participants of XVIth HAC / ISEST 2018 Workshop meeting we offer accommodation with the reduced prices in Amfora and Pharos hotels.

Google map with all important places in Hvar (meeting place, social events...)


All contributions will be published in a special volume of the Central European Astrophysical Bulletin. The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is 31 December 2018 and additional information is available here.


Deadline for financial support application 15 May 2018 (extended)
Deadline for abstract submission 6 July 2018 (extended)
Deadline for early registration 5 August 2018 (extended)
Deadline for late abstract submission (poster only) 1 September 2018
Deadline for CEAB proceedings submission 31 December 2018

Please note that all the deadlines are bit earlier than usual for HAC meetings.


  1. WG reports - Introduction to ISEST project + WG reports by group leaders
  2. WG1 session (data)
  3. WG2 session (theory)
  4. WG3 session (simulation)
  5. WG4 session (campaign study)
  6. WG5 session (Bs challenge)
  7. WG6 session (SEPs)
  8. WG7 session (MiniMax)
  9. General session on Sun and Heliosphere
  10. Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter (including hands-on-session)
  11. WG summary - WG reports by group leaders


Teresa Nieves Chinchilla (IACS/CUA, USA), Christina Cohen (SRL/CALTECH, USA), Lucie Green (UCL, UK), Philip Hess (NRL, USA), Meng Jin (LMSAL, USA), Christina Kay (NASA/GSFC, USA), Dusan Odstrcil (GSFC/GMU, USA), Rui Pinto (IRAP, France), Camilla Scolini (KUL/SIDC, Belgium), ChengLong Shen (USTC, China)


Jie Zhang (GMU, USA, WG1), Bojan Vrsnak (OH/UNIZG, Croatia, WG2), Dusan Odstrcil (GSFC/GMU, USA, WG3), Fang Shen (NSSC, China, WG3), David Webb (ISR/BC, USA, WG4), Spiros Patsourakos (UOI, Greece, WG5), Olga Malandraki (NOA, Greece, WG6), Manuela Temmer (UNIGRAZ, Austria, WG7)

Nat Gopalswamy (USA)
Manuela Temmer (Austria)
Bojan Vršnak (Croatia)
Jie Zhang (USA) 

Ayumi Asai (Japan)
Mario Bisi (UK)
Kyungsuk Cho (South Korea)
Mateja Dumbović (Austria)
Peter Gallagher (Ireland)
Manolis Georgoulis (Greece)
Alejandro Lara (Mexico)
Noé Lugaz (USA)
Alexis Rouillard (France)
Nandita Srivastava (India)
Yu-Ming Wang (China)
David Webb (USA)
Yuri Yermolaev (Russia)
Bojan Vršnak (Hvar Obs.)
Jaša Čalogović (Hvar Obs.)
Domagoj Ruždjak (Hvar Obs.)

Mateja Dumbović (Uni. Graz)
Isabell Piantschitsch (Uni. Graz)
Ivica Skokić (Hvar Obs.)
Davor Sudar (Hvar Obs.)
Toni Visković (Hvar Obs.)


Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact (VarSITI)  2014-2018 Scientific Committee On Solar-TErrestrial Physics Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb
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