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The meeting will take place at the Zagreb Observatory, on the top floor (there will be directions guiding you from the street):

Zagreb Observatory
Opatička 22, HR-10 000
>> exact location on the map

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zg obsZagreb Observatory is situated in a historical building called “Popov toranj” (priest’s tower), which was one of the exit towers from the old city of Gradec (later merged with neighboring Kaptol into city of Zagreb). It is situated northwest of the main square (Ban Jelačić square), around 10 minutes of walk (or less) up the hill. This area, called the Upper town, offers a lot of historical sites and museums and also houses the Croatian parliament, called “Sabor”. 

East of the Upper town and north of the Ban Jelačić square are Tkalčićeva Street and Opatovina, streets with many bars, cafes and restaurants. They both end up at Dolac, Zagreb’s biggest market, just north of Ban Jelačić Square. East, west and south of the Ban Jelačić Square is the so-called Lower town, which also houses a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Beautiful promotional video about Zagreb and its culture, life and attractions you can see here.


Weather in April in Zagreb can be very diverse. It’s the moodiest month of the year, with variable temperatures ranging from negative values to more than +20C. Usually temperatures around +15C degrees and exchange of sunny and rainy days are expected. You can find a local and reliable weather forecast here.

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