Additional Information

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  • Internet will be available on conference place (Hotel Amfora).
  • For oral presentations an overhead projector and video beamer will be provided.
  • Authors of posters can give a brief presentation (about 5 min) according to the schedule given in the programme.
  • All contributions will be published in a special volume of the Central European Astrophysical Bulletin. The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is December 1, 2017.
  • Croatia is a member of European Union (since July 2013).
  • Some countries need visa to enter Croatia, so please inform yourself to be able to obtain visa on time (new regulation: Russian citizens need visa). Regulations which countries need visa and how to obtain it can be found here.
  • Time zone: Central European Time.
  • Currency: Kuna and lipa, 1 lp = 1/100 kn (1 € = 7.4 kn, current exchange rate).


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