Social events - HAC XVII

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Social events will precede the meeting every day (by 1 hour) and will also follow the meeting every day (officially by 1 hour, unofficially until the last person goes away)

We plan 5 types of social events throughout the week:
  1. SCIENCE MIXER - a series of short discussions of small groups and random participants in breakout rooms, inspired by the "speed dating" scheme
  2. MEET YOUNG - a chance for students and early career scientists to present themselves using a customized Zoom background picture that explains them best and by saying couple of sentences about themselves (and also answering questions)
  3. MEET ESTABLISHED SCIENTISTS - a panel type discussion with 2 established scientists about their carreer, work, etc., a chance for younger scientists to meet their older colleagues from a more personal aspect and to ask them various questions (not necessarily related to science)
  4. OPEN DISCUSSION OVER COFEE/BEER - topical discussion on a scientific subject TBD, with possibility to have several topics in parallel using breakout rooms
  5. THEME PARTY - parallel breakout rooms for people to meet and chat 'under disguise' according to the selected theme (the disguise can be literally a body/face mask, a filter or a customized background, be creative, we might award the best 'disguise')
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