Social events - HAC XVII

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Social events will follow the meeting every day from Monday to Thursday (officially by 1 hour, unofficially until the last person goes away)

We plan following events throughout the week:

1. ICEBREAKER IN GATHER TOWN - participants will be able to meet in virtual beach bar using web application Gather Town which enables people to walk in this virtual environment, meet other participants and talk with them using their microphone and camera. For this activity recommended browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari or it is also possible to install stand-alone application on local computer. Link to Gather Town beach bar where we’ll have icebreaker on Monday is here.

2. MEET SENIOUR SCIENTISTS - a panel type discussion with 3 established scientists about their carreer, work, etc., a chance for younger scientists to meet their older colleagues from a more personal aspect and to ask them various questions (not necessarily related to science).

3. OPEN DISCUSSION OVER COFEE/BEER - topical discussions with possibility to have several topics in parallel using breakout rooms.
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