Additional Information - CESPM 2019

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Croatia is a member of European Union, however specific visa regulations might apply. Please inform yourself here whether or not you need a visa for entering Croatia. If you need an invitation letter for the purpose of obtaining the VISA (or other help) please contact Domagoj Ruzdjak ( Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili JavaScript ).

Oral presentations

IMPORTANT: In case you won’t be able to attend CESPM 2019 out of any reasons and you have an invited talk or an oral contribution, please let the LOC know as soon as possible, to withdraw your abstract and to give the other participants a chance to have an oral talk.
  • Talk duration:
    • Invited talks: 30 minutes (22 min + 8 min questions & discussion)
    • Contributed talks: 15 minutes (11 min + 4 min questions & discussion)
  • Presentation laptop with MS PowerPoint 365 and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) will be available, but you can also use your own laptop to connect to projector (DVI available - don\'t forget to bring adapters for your device!)

Poster presentations
  • Altogether 4 poster sessions will be organized from Monday to Thursday (6th - 8th May), each lasting for 1.5 hours
  • Due to the large number of posters (around 140) and the limited area available for posters, they will be presented in two parts with the following schedule:
    • Topics 1, 2, 3 – from Monday, 6th May at 8:00 AM to Tuesday, 7th May at 07:00 PM with poster session 1 (Monday, 6th May, 5:00 – 6:30 PM) & session 2 (Tuesday, 7th May, 5:00 – 6:30 PM)
    • Topics 4, 5 – from Wednesday, 8th May at 8:00 AM to Friday, 10th May at 12:00 AM with poster session 3 (Wednesday, 8th May, 4:30 – 5:45 PM) & session 4 (Thursday, 9th May , 5:15–6:45 PM)
  • Maximum poster size: A0 (portrait format preferred due to space limitations)
  • Posters will be attached to the walls of separate (posters) meeting room and the LOC will provide all necessary tools to do this.
  • The posters related to topics (sessions) 1-3 are to be removed until Tuesday 7:00 PM and the posters related to topics 4-5 are to be removed until Friday 12:00 AM. The remaining posters will be disposed of by the LOC.

Poster prizes
  • There will be poster prizes given for the most outstanding poster presentations at the CESPM 2019 meeting. The LOC and SOC made a substantial effort to raise the prize fund in a value of more than 1000 EUR for all three prizes (200 EUR and 6 solar physics books).
  • We want to acknowledge all supporters of poster prizes: EPS poster prize grant (200 EUR), Springer Nature / Solar Physics (3 solar physics books) and Elsevier (3 solar physics books).

Other information
  • Time zone: Central European Time.
  • Currency: Kuna and lipa, 1 lp = 1/100 kn (1 € = 7.4 kn, current exchange rate).
  • Electircity: 220V, 50 Hz (standard european type of power plugs).  


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