2nd China-Europe Solar Physics Meeting (CESPM 2019)

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Over the last three decades, solar physicists in both Europe and China have worked together on a large variety of topics in various ways, yielding fruitful achievements and success. In order to broaden the collaborations and to exchange scientific results between Chinese and European solar physicists, the series China-Europe solar physics meetings was introduced so being held every 2 or 3 years alternating in China and Europe.

Following the success of the first meeting held in China (CESPM 2017, Kunming, Yunnan) we are organizing the 2nd meeting in Hvar, aiming to strengthen the collaboration between European and Chinese scientists, in particular among young scientists. We believe it will not only further develop solar physics in China and Europe, but will also greatly contribute to the development of solar physics world-wide.

Please note that CESPM 2019 meeting is open to scientists from all countries.

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Hotel Amfora - Hvar Grand Beach Resort, City of Hvar, Hvar, Croatia

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  1. Solar Interior, Dynamo and the Solar Cycle
  2. Heating and Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere layers
  3. Fundamental Plasma Processes: Magnetic Reconnection, Waves, Emission, Particle Acceleration
  4. Manifestations and Triggering of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections
  5. Solar-Terrestrial Relations, Solar Wind, Space Weather and Space Climate


Abstract submission opens 1 June 2018
Deadline for financial support application 1 December 2018
Deadline for abstract submission 15 January 2019
Deadline for early registration (extended) 1 March 2019
Deadline for late abstract submission (poster only) 31 March 2019


  Early Late / On-Site
Regular 300 EUR 400 EUR
Student 150 EUR 200 EUR
Accompanying person 80 EUR 80 EUR

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Huaning Wang, Pengfei Chen, Elena Khomenko, Jun Zhang, Hamish Reid, Xin Cheng, Alessandro Bemporad, Lyndsay Fletcher, Yuming Wang, Milan Maksimović, Astrid Veronig, Weiqun Gan, Sami Solanki, Loukas Vlahos

Eduard Kontar, University of Glasgow
Cheng Fang, Nanjing University

Hardi Peter, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Jingxiu Wang, National Astronomical Observatories
Jun Lin, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory
Li Feng, Purple Mountain Observatory
Manolis K. Georgoulis, Academy of Athens
Mingde Ding, Nanjing University
Brigitte Schmieder, LESIA, Paris Observatory
Jean-Claude Vial, Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay
Bojan Vršnak, University of Zagreb
Bojan Vršnak, Hvar Observatory
Jaša Čalogović, Hvar Observatory
Domagoj Ruždjak, Hvar Observatory

Eleanna Asvestari, University of Graz
Karin Dissauer, University of Graz
Mateja Dumbović, University of Graz
Veronika Jerčić, University of Graz
Snježana Milec, Faculty of Geodesy
Fernando C. Morales, University of Alcala
Isabell Piantschitsch, University of Graz
Ivica Skokić, Hvar Observatory
Davor Sudar, Hvar Observatory
Toni Visković, Hvar Observatory


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