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1. Solar Interior, Dynamo and the Solar Cycle

Name Type Abstract title
Huaning Wang Invited talk Prediction of solar cycle 25: progress and challenges
Qi Hao Oral Statistical Analysis of Filament Features during Solar Cycles 20–24 by Computer Automated Detection Method
Melinda Nagy Oral How 'rogue' active region emergences affect the variation of the Solar Cycle?
Olena Podladchikova Oral Automated EUV Wave Catalogue For Solar Cycle 23 And 24: EUV Global Wave Rotation Sense Follows Hale Magnetic Cycle
Shangbin Yang Oral Magnetic helicity butterfly diagram of solar cycles: breaking the symmetry and braking the activity

2. Heating and Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere layers

Name Type Abstract title
Peng-Fei Chen Invited talk Formation, Dynamics, and Magnetic Configurations of Solar Filaments
Elena Khomenko Invited talk Simulations of partially ionised chromosphere: progress and challenges
Sami Solanki Invited talk Ground- and space-based solar instruments in Europe
Robertus Erdelyi Oral Vortexes in the Lower Solar Atmosphere - Automated Swirl Detection Algorithm (ASDA)
Iain Hannah Oral Small X-ray flares/brightenings in active regions and the quiet Sun
Jie Hong Oral Ellerman bombs: Observations and Simulations
Chris Nelson Oral Heating Driven By The Release Of Magnetic Twist In The Solar Corona
Hardi Peter Oral Hot and cool structures in active region cores running in parallel
Zhongquan Qu Oral FASOT, an instrument to reveal the magnetic coupling between solar photosphere and chromosphere
Guiping Ruan Oral Bi-directional plasma jet observed in an active region
Daniel Nobrega-Siverio Oral An updated vision of solar surges
Yang Su Oral New results from the DEM diagnostic of solar coronal structures

3. Fundamental Plasma Processes: Magnetic Reconnection, Waves, Emission, Particle Acceleration

Name Type Abstract title
Hamish Reid Invited talk New look at the radio fine structures with LOFAR and beam-plasma interactions in the solar corona
Jun Zhang Invited talk Observational studies on 3D magnetic reconnections in solar eruptions
Matthew Allcock Oral Diagnosing the Alfven speed in asymmetric fibrils using solar magneto-seismology
Jörg Büchner Oral Kinetic Physics and electron acceleration by magnetic reconnection in the solar corona
Shao-Xia Chen Oral Damping of Slow Surface Sausage Modes in Photospheric Waveguides
Xin Cheng Oral Observations of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection within a Solar Current Sheet
Nicolina Chrysaphi Oral CME-driven Type II solar radio burst with LOFAR and radio-wave scattering
Marcel Goossens Oral Mixed properties of MHD waves in non-uniform plasmas
Hugh Hudson Oral Coronal implosions and their consequences
Rui Liu Oral Double-Decker Filament Configuration Revealed by Mass Motions
Isabell Piantschitsch Oral Influence of Initial Parameters on Numerical Simulations of Coronal Waves and their Interaction with Coronal Holes
Tatiana Podladchikova Oral Multiple EUV wave reflection from a coronal hole
Xiaoyan Xie Oral Numerical experiments of various types of disturbance to the low and middle corona caused by the solar eruption
Xiaowei Zhou Oral Coherent emission driven by energetic ring-beam electrons in the solar corona

4. Manifestations and Triggering of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections

Name Type Abstract title
Alessandro Bemporad Invited talk Manifestations and Triggering of Coronal Mass Ejections as observed in the EUV-UV emissions
Xin Cheng Invited talk Origin and early evolution of coronal mass ejections
Lyndsay Fletcher Invited talk Multi-wavelength Observations of Solar Flares
Weiqun Gan Invited talk Ground- and space-based solar instruments in China
Krzysztof Barczynski Oral Solar flare simulation and observations. A spatiotemporal analysis of the magnetic field, electric current density and Lorentz force
Yang Guo Oral Magnetic Flux Rope Eruption Simulated by a Data-Driven Magnetohydrodynamic Model
Chaowei Jiang Oral Data-Driven MHD Simulations of Solar Eruptions
Roksoon Kim Oral CME-CME interaction near the Earth
Bernhard Kliem Oral Flux rope formation by a confined solar flare preceding a coronal mass ejection
Erica Lastufka Oral Multiwavelength Stereoscopic Observation of the May 1, 2013 Solar Flare and CME
Ting Li Oral Two Categories of Confined Flares
Ying Li Oral Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Chromospheric Evaporation Using IRIS and Hinode/EIS
Jasmina Magdalenić Oral Two homologous halo CMEs of a flower-like morphology
Brigitte Schmieder Oral Generalisation of the Magnetic Field Configuration of typical and atypical Confined Flares
Yingna Su Oral Initiation and Evolution of the X9.3 Solar Flare on 2017 Sep 6
Xudong Sun Oral Formation of a Kilogauss Magnetic Flux Rope Prior to an X9-Class Flare
Janusz Sylwester Oral High-resolution X-ray spectra around S XV and Si XIII triplets as observed by Diogeness flat crystal spectrometer
Chen Xing Oral Quantifying the Toroidal Flux of a Pre-existing Flux Rope in Coronal Mass Ejections
Xiaoli Yan Oral The Eruption of a Small-scale Emerging Flux Rope as the Driver of an M-class Flare and of a Coronal Mass Ejection
Yihua Yan Oral Solar Eruptive Events with MUSER Observations
Pietro Zucca Oral Interferometric observation of three consecutive type II radio bursts observed with LOFAR

5. Solar-Terrestrial Relations, Solar Wind, Space Weather and Space Climate

Name Type Abstract title
Milan Maksimović Invited talk Particles and plasma waves from the Sun to the Earth: progress and challenges
Astrid Veronig Invited talk Space Weather chains connecting the Sun to Earth
Yuming Wang Invited talk CME Propagation and Space Weather
Jaša Čalogović Oral Predicting CME arrival time and speed with DBEM
Mateja Dumbović Oral Unusual plasma and particle signatures at Mars and STEREO-A related to inhibited expansion caused by CME-CME interaction
Li Feng Oral 3D evolution of a coronal shock and its link to the longitudinal distribution of SEP properties
Xiaolei Li Oral Reconstructing 3D Solar Wind Structures from STEREO’s Dual Views
Stefaan Poedts Oral EUHFORIA in the ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre
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