CEAB Volume 39, 2015

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Central European Astrophysical Bulletin (CEAB), Volume 39, 2015

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1.) Regular articles

A comparison between the observed and predicted amplitude of the 24th solar cycle
  R. Brajša, G. Verbanac, D. Sudar et al.
Reflections on the late Cosmoclimatology
  J. Čalogović, B.A. Laken
A search for T Tauri stars and related objects: Archival photometry of candidate variables in V733 Cep field
  R. Jurdana-Šepić, I. Poljančić-Beljan

2.) Proceedings of XIIIth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium - Physics of the Solar Atmosphere

Edited by: D. Ruždjak

Recalibrating the Sunspot Number (SN): The 3rd and 4th SN Workshops
  E.W. Cliver, F. Clette, L. Svalgaard, J.M. Vaquero
Solar velocity field determined tracking coronal bright points
  R. Brajša, D. Sudar, I. Skokić, S.H. Saar
North-south differences during cycles 7-10
  J. Murakozy
The Temperature of Quiescent Prominences
  E. Wiehr, G. Stellmacher
Collective Processes in the Transition Region of the Solar Atmosphere
  P.A. Bespalov, O.N. Savina,
Structured mass density slab as a waveguide of fast magnetoacoustic waves
  P. Jelinek, M. Karlicky
High-frequency reverse drift bursts in 2012-2014 solar flares
  K. Jirička, M. Karlicky
Initiation and evolution of global coronal waves
  B. Vršnak, N. Muhr, T. Žic et al.
Forbush decreases associated to Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections
  B. Heber, C. Wallmann, D. Galsdorf et al.
Five-Minutes Solar Atmosphere Oscillations due to the Instability of Acoustic Gravity Wave
  O.N. Savina
Long time variations of Magnetic Bright Points observed by Hinode/SOT
  D. Utz, J.C. del Toro Iniesta, L. Bellot-Rubio et al.
Multi-height spectroscopy for probing the solar atmosphere
  A. Wisniewska, M. Roth, J. Staiger
Solar and Galactic Cosmic Rays Observed by SOHO
  W. Curdt, B. Fleck
Extended Measurement Capabilities of the Electron Proton Helium INstrument aboard SOHO - Understanding single detector count rates
  P. Kühl, S. Banjac, B. Heber et al.
The real-time flare detection system at Kanzelhöhe Observatory
  W. Pötzi, A. Veronig, G. Riegler et al.


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