CEAB Volume 40, 2016

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Central European Astrophysical Bulletin (CEAB), Volume 40, 2016

Proceedings of XIVth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium - Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Now and in the Future

Edited by: D. Ruždjak

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Specific Features of the Acoustic-Gravity Wave Propagation in the Solar Chromosphere
  O.N. Savina, P.A. Bespalov
Fulfilling Magnetostatic Conditions in Numerical Simulations of Expanding Flux Tubes
  D. Utz, T. Van Doorsselaere, O. Kühner et al.
An Application of the Random Walk Model to Proper Motions of Coronal Bright Points from SDO Data
  I. Skokić, D. Sudar, S.H. Saar et al.
Search for the Observational Manifestations of Torsional Alfven Waves in Solar Faculae
  A. Chelpanov, N. Kobanov, S. Chupin
Role of "X point" in Flares and Filament Interactions
  B. Schmieder, F.P. Zuccarello, G. Aulanier et al.
(Un)observable Structure of Coronal X-ray Sources
  S. Kolomanski, T. Mrozek, E. Chmielewska
The 5 February 2016 Solar Flare with Long Quasi-periodic Pulsations
  Z. Szaforz, M. Tomczak
Electron Acceleration in a Turbulent Current Sheet - Comparison of GCA and HARHA Methods
  D. Kramoliš, M. Varady, M. Barta
The Electron Density in a Quiescent Prominence
  E. Wiehr, G. Stellmacher, M. Bianda
Lines of MgI Detected in Solar Prominences
  P. Heinzel, Yu. Kupryakov, P. Schwartz
Frequency Oscillations of Drifting Pulsating Structures
  M. Karlicky, K. Jirička, M. Barta
ICME Evolution from the Sun to the Interstellar Medium
  J.D. Richardson
Distribution of CME Speeds and the Temporal Variation of the Number of CMEs during the Last Two Solar Cycles: Their Possible Connection with Ap and Dst Indices
  A. Kilcik, V.V. Yurchyshyn, B. Donmez et al.
Analyses of Solar Wind Flows Structure by White-light Data and Definition of Solar Wind Sources
  A.V. Kudriavtseva, D.V. Prosovetsky
Periodicities in the X-ray Emission from the Solar Corona: SphinX and SOXS Observations
  M. Steslicki, A.K. Awasthi, M. Gryciuk, R. Jain
70 Years of Sunspot Observations at Kanzelhöhe Observatory
  W. Pötzi, A. Veronig, M. Temmer et al.
Semi-automated Method for Failed Eruptions Search in SDO Data Base: Methodology and First Results
  T. Mrozek, D. Gronkiewicz, S. Kolomanski et al.
A Study on the Kinematics of a CME-Shock Interaction Event Associated with Flares and Type II Bursts on 22 May 2013
  S. Prasanna Subramanian, A. Shanmugaraju, B. Vršnak
Comparison of ICME Parameters Using Drag Based Model for Interacting and Non-interacting CMEs
  S. Prasanna Subramanian, A. Shanmugaraju, B. Vršnak


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