CEAB Volume 41, 2017

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Central European Astrophysical Bulletin (CEAB), Volume 41, 2017

Proceedings of XVth Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium - 45 years of Hvar Observatory and 20 years of ACT: The role of 1-m class telescopes now and in the future

Edited by: R. Brajša and D. Ruždjak

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Hvar Observatory - First 45 Years
  R. Brajša
Science with a 1 Meter Telescope
  A. Hanslmeier
Austro-croatian Telescope - First 20 Years
  D. Ruždjak
Summary of Austrian Observing Runs and Results at the ACT
  M. Netopil, E. Paunzen, M. Rode-Paunzen, H.M. Maitzen
Research of Hot Stars at Masaryk University
  P. Kurfürst, M. Prvak, J. Krtička, M. Zejda
Extreme Space Weather in Extra-Solar Systems - a Flare Alert Program
  A. Hanslmeier, M. Leitzinger, R. Greimel et al.
Multicolor light curve analysis of eclipsing cataclysmic star OV Boo
  P. Golysheva, S. Shugarov, V. Goranskij, O. Vozyakova


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