List of submitted abstracts - CESPM 2019

Note: All abstract titles are linked to pdf files with the full abstract

1. Solar Interior, Dynamo and the Solar Cycle

Name Type Abstract title
Mohammed Talafha Oral Optimization of surface flux transport models for the solar polar magnetic field
Mohammed Talafha Oral Global dipole moment study using optimized surface flux transport model
Xing Wei Oral Oblique rotator
Alemayehu Cherkos Poster Effect of viscosity on propagation of MHD waves in astrophysical plasma

2. Heating and Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere layers

Name Type Abstract title
Yajie Chen Oral Flame-like Ellerman Bombs and their connection to UV bursts

3. Fundamental Plasma Processes: Magnetic Reconnection, Waves, Emission, Particle Acceleration

Name Type Abstract title
Bojing Zhu Invited talk Relativistic HPIC-LBM and its Application in Large Temporal-spatial Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection
Xin Cheng Oral Observations of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection within a Solar Current Sheet

4. Manifestations and Triggering of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections

Name Type Abstract title
Xin Cheng Invited talk Origin and early evolution of coronal mass ejections
Lyndsay Fletcher Invited talk Multi-wavelength Observations of Solar Flares
Weiqun Gan Invited talk Ground- and space-based solar instruments in China
Yang Guo Oral Magnetic Flux Rope Eruption Simulated by a Data-Driven Magnetohydrodynamic Model
Anshu Kumari Oral LOFAR Interferometric Observation of a group of spatially and temporally resolved Type III Solar Radio Bursts
Hariharan Krishnan Oral Study of Fine Structures in Solar Radio Emission
Lijuan Liu Oral Rapid buildup of a magnetic flux rope during a confined X2.2 class flare in NOAA AR 12673

5. Solar-Terrestrial Relations, Solar Wind, Space Weather and Space Climate

Name Type Abstract title
Milan Maksimović Invited talk Particles and plasma waves from the Sun to the Earth: progress and challenges
Stefaan Poedts Oral EUHFORIA in the ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre
Pei J. Zhang Poster Forward Modeling of Type III Radio Burst Exciter
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