Hvar Observatory organized for the third time the Festival of Science in Hvar

Science festival in Hvar, 2017From 25th to 27th April in the town Loggia, together with the Hvar Primary School, Split Institute of Oceanography and Fishery and Hvar High School the Festival of Science was organized for the third time in Hvar. The theme of 15th Science Festival was "time" in a chronological or meteorological sense.

The Hvar Observatory prepared three exhibitions: "Space Meteorology" (observations and forecasting of space weather associated with solar activity), "Hvar Observatory" (old photographs and news articles about the scientific research and history of the Observatory) and "Astrophotography" (photographs of Croatian amateur astronomers). On Thursday, April 27, two lectures were held: "The Starry Era of the Universe - the Factory of Chemical Elements" by Bojan Vršnak and "How the Wind is created?" by Jaša Čalogović. In addition to the lectures, workshops for elementary and high school students were also held. Ivana Bušelić Garber of the Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries in Split prepared a workshop with mircoscopes "How Baby Sea Orchins Are Created?", and Antonio Vidović from High School Hvar made a workshop about local herbs: "Distillation of etheric oil from the healing and aromatic herbs of the island". Unfortunately due to bad weather the observation of night sky with telescopes was not held. The Hvar Science Festival as in the past few years was attended by several primary and secondary classes and pictures are available here.
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