Hvar Observatory participated in 13th Festival of Science

thumb FZ2015-SunceFestival of Science with special topic "the Sun" was held for the first time in the Hvar town loggia on 20th April 2015, organized by Primary school Hvar and Hvar Observatory. The aim of festival is promote and raise awareness of science, technology and the environment with the aim of getting children interested in science and technology. The program consisted of the exhibition of student's artwork, a workshop "Funny quiz about the Sun" with more than 40 participants and a lecture "Why and how do we study our nearest star – the Sun?". A promotional/educational stand was set, where information was presented about Hvar Observatory, the Sun and the International Astronomical Union initiatives. Additional educational interactive stand was also set, where prism experiment was performed and that offered several puzzles of the Sun in different colors. During the day the visitors – students, teachers and parents were observing the Sun through the telescope where several sunspots were visible, while in the evening observations of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Orion nebula were organized with amateur telescopes.

During the Festival of Science, from 20. to 25. April 2015, staff members of Hvar Observatory gave also two public lectures in Astronomy Center of Rijeka (23.4.) and organized workshop (24.4.) and lecture (25.4.) in Technical museum, Zagreb.

Pictures from Festival of Science in Hvar are available here.

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