Hvar Observatory on the Festival of Science 2011

Awarded childrenThis year's 9th Festival of Science took place from April 11th till April 16th in 8 different cities throughout Croatia, including Zagreb.  It offered a rich program that consisted of a series of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, projections and presentations, aiming to popularize science, especially among the children and the young. The main theme of this year's Festival, „light“, encouraged the scientists from Hvar Observatory to organize an exhibition under the name „the Sun“, intended for the youngest school kids.

Their task was to use their imagination and express their vision of the Sun by making the creative artworks. Out of more than 200 artworks from different primary schools throughout Zagreb that applied for the competition, 29 were chosen for the exhibition in Zagreb's Technical museum and were displayed during the whole duration of the Festival. The visitors of the Festival were given the chance to vote for the best artworks, for which the sponsors, Profil and Zagreb Observatory prepared worthy awards. On the last day of the Festival, after the votes were counted, a closing ceremony was held in the Technical museum. The best artworks were awarded by sponsors and all the participants were given acknowledgements from Hvar Observatory for participating in the exhibition.

Along with the exhibition, the scientists from Hvar Observatory also gave 4 popular-science talks about various aspects of the Sun and had a workshop for children about the observation of the Sun. 


Artwork gallery:


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