Hvar Observatory presented on European Space Expo in Zagreb

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thumb Space-expo-zg2015Free interactive exhibition "European Space Expo" thumb Space-expo-zg2015-romanwas held on main square in Zagreb (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića) from 12 to 21 June 2015. Exhibition presented the services and applications of the major European space programs in the domain of satellite navigation (Galileo) and Earth Observation (Copernicus). The main objective of Space Expo organized by European Commission was to inform the public about the positive effects of European space programs on the daily lives of Europeans. Thanks to rich and interactive audio-visual materials, visitors could discover the various applications of satellite technology. During the whole exhibition period Space Expo visited more than 83.000 people. Faculty of Geodesy was one of the main local partners that also organized various public lectures. One of the lectures was held by Dr. sc Roman Brajša, head of Hvar Observatory about research performed at Hvar Observatory ("Istraživanje svemira na Opservatoriju Hvar"). General presentation about Hvar Observatory was also available at local interactive kiosk during the whole exhibition period and was prepared by Dr. sc Jaša Čalogović.

CORAMOD workshop Hvar 2015

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thumb CORAMOD-2015-groupA workshop was held at the Hvar Observatory from 26 to 29 May 2015 with general topics on the cosmic ray modulation, Forbush decreases, coronal mass ejection initiation and propagation, and magnetic clouds in the interplanetary space. There were 14 participants from the Physics department of the University of Kiel, Physics Institute of the University of Graz, Space Research Institute in Graz and Hvar Observatory.

Photos from the workshop are available here.

Poster presented at CroArtScia2015 Symposium

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Roman Brajša at CroArtScia 2015From 27th to 30th of May 2015 Roman Brajša paricipated in third International interdisciplinary scientific symposium: CroArtScia2015 – Technological Innovations: Art & Science held in Zagreb. CroArtScia2015 is an international interdisciplinary symposium with the theme of convergence and synergy of science, art and technology. Its purpose is to strengthen interaction and collaboration between art, science and technology.

Poster prepared by Paula Ferenčić (Croatian Association of Artists) in collaboration with Jaša Čalogović, Roman Brajša (Hvar Observatory), Dubravko Jelić and Karmen Brajša (Fidelta Ltd.) and with the title "In the eye of the beholder" was presented during symposium. Aim was to show similarities between phenomena on the Sun, such as sunspots evolution obtained trough Hvar solar telescope, the 3D cell cultures obtained trough the microscope and the various artist representations of the Sun.

New paper published in Nature Communications

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Xflare 20140107

An international team of scientists led by Dr.sc. Christian Möstl from the Space Research Institute (Institut für Weltraumforschung, IWF) in Graz, including couple of Hvar Observatory team members, recently published a scientific paper in Nature Communications. The paper Möstl et al. regards the non-radial propagation of CMEs, using a synthesis of data of a fast CME from seven different space missions. CME, which originated in an active region near the disk centre, was forecasted to have a significant geomagnetic impact. However, the CME is demonstrated to be channeled during eruption into a direction away from its source region, leading only to minimal geomagnetic effects. In situ observations near Earth and Mars confirm the channeled CME motion, and are consistent with an ellipse shape of the CME-driven shock provided by the new Ellipse Evolution model, presented in the paper. The results enhance our understanding of CME propagation and shape, which can substantially influence the geomagnetic effects of CMEs. The publication of the paper was covered by several media such as space.com(ENG), the Conversation(ENG), Discovery News(ENG), Sueddeutsche Zeitung(GER), Der Standard(AUT), tportal(CRO).