Project Summary

"Solar and Stellar Variability" (SOLSTEL) is a four-year scientific project funded by Croatian Science Foundation (project 6212). SOLSTEL connects solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, heliospheric physics, space weather & climate, geophysics, and stellar physics. It is based on empirical/interpretative, theoretical/analytical, and theoretical/numerical approach, and concerns most of astrophysical problems currently in focus of the research at the Hvar Observatory of the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb and the Department of Physics of the University of Rijeka.

SOLSTEL was launched in September 2014 and aims to provide a deeper understanding of various processes in solar and stellar atmospheres, addressing a number of thematic topics, such as: solar activity and eruptive phenomena in the solar atmosphere; solar-activity impact on the Earth; stellar eruptive activity; radiation processes in solar and stellar atmospheres; exoplanets and substellar companions.

For more information on SOLSTEL, please contact the Project Leader.