Participation in 2nd IDS3GEO in Dubrovnik

Written by Jaša Čalogović on . Posted in News

IDS3Geo Dubrovnik 2018 group photoFrom 8th to 11th May 2018, 2nd international doctoral seminar on geodesy, geoinformatics and geospace (IDS3GEO) was held in Dubrovnik, organized by the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. IDS3GEO hosted numerous sessions related to astrophysics where our collaborators such as Prof. Arnold Hanslmeier (Graz University) and Prof. Bernd Heber (Kiel University) gave lectures. In different sessions, Bojan Vršnak ("Reflection of Cosmic Rays at Oblique MHD Shocks"), Jaša Čalogović ("Probabilistic model for heliospheric propagation of CMEs: DBEMv2 web application") and Mateja Dumbović ("Forbush decrease model for expanding CMEs - ForbMod") also presented their work.