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Journal Papers (CC)

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Journal papers (non-CC)

  1. I. Poljančić-Beljan, R. Jurdana-Šepić, M. Čargonja, R. Brajša, D. Hržina, W. Pötzi, A. Hanslmeier: "An Analysis of the Solar Differential Rotation from the Kanzelhöhe Sunspot Drawings", Cent. Eur. Astrophys. Bull. 38 (2), 87 (published, pdfpdf)
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  9. I. Skokić, D. Sudar, S. H. Saar, R. Brajša, I. Poljančić-Beljan: "An application of the Random Walk Model to proper Motions of Coronal Bright Points from SDO Data", 2016, Cent. Eur. Astrophys. Bull. 40 (1), 23 (published, pdfpdf)


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