Lightning radar station Hvar

2020-02-24 14:40:20
Offline   Last 60 min: 954   Close (< 75 km): 0   Next update in: seconds
Last strike  15:31:40   Distance: 3903 km   Direction: 244°   Deviation: 2.2 km   Strength: 0.00 kA  
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The video are updated every hour 10 minutes past top of the hour.
Network stats
7023 Strikes
7530 (11:33 - 12:33) Max hour
612 Max trackers/strike
Own station stats
0 Strikes
0 (00:00 - 01:00) Max hour
999999 km Closest
0 km Farest
Not to be used for protection of life and property!

Lightning data are updated every 3 minutes. is a private network of lightning tracker stations. They catch the electromagnetic signals of strikes. Together with the timestamp the position of a strike can be calculated out of the signals (TOA - time of arrival method). You will find more information on the main site of the project:
Accuracy is quite good and is sometimes lower than 1 kilometer. This is equal to commercial strike detection companies.

>> Blitzortung statistics of station Hvar

Blitzortung Hvar Observatory Observatorium Kanzelhöhe für Sonnen- und Umweltforschung