CESPM 2019 abstract submission form

Deadline for abstract submission is 15 January 2019.

For upload only pdf files are allowed (with extension pdf) and the maximum size of uploaded file is 32Mb. Uploaded pdf document should contain abstract title, authors with affiliations (for format see authors field) and abstract. In the case you uploaded the abstract file you don't have to fill the fields in form regarding the abstract (title, authors and abstract).

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If your abstract includes some special characters (greek letters or mathematic formulas) the online form fields (abstract title, authors and text) may interpret these characters incorrectly and may produce some unwanted results (e.g. only part of abstract text is sent). In such case, we recommend to use the upload field and send the abstract in pdf format.

If you have any problems with form submitting please be so kind and send the all requested information on this page by e-mail to jcalogovic@geof.hr.

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