First SOLSTEL papers published

Written by Bojan Vršnak on . Posted in News

The very first results of the SOLSTEL project related research were published in November 2014 in Solar Physics.

illustration of the Sun-Earth connectionA paper by Dumbović et al. „Geoeffectiveness of Coronal Mass Ejections in the SOHO Era" presents the results of the statistical analysis of the relation between remotely observed properties of CMEs and associated solar flares, indicating the importance of the initial CME speed, apparent width, source position, and the class of the associated solar flare. The results of the statistical study are employed to construct an empirical statistical model which can be used for future space-weather forecasting.

EUV-MHD-wavesIn the paper by Muhr et al. „Statistical Analysis of Large-Scale EUV Waves Observed by STEREO/EUVI" the evolution and wave pulse characteristics of 60 strong large-scale global EUV wave events that occurred during January 2007 to February 2011 with the STEREO twin spacecraft was analyzed. Correlations between the peak velocity and the peak amplitude, impulsiveness, and build-up time of the disturbance were found, providing strong evidence that the EUV waves are large-amplitude fast-mode MHD waves. The explanation of the obtained empirical reults is the main objective of the ongoing analysis of the MHD numerical simulations performed in the scope of SOLSTEL.